PAAVO Nurmi Marathon 2022

42K Marathon in Hurley, Wisconsin

Mark your calendars! The PAAVO Nurmi Marathon for 2022 is set for 08/13/2022!

If you wish to be a volunteer for this event, please call the Hurley Chamber at 715-561-4334,
Or complete the information at the bottom of this page

We are excited about the many new activities that are being added to the Paavo Nurmi Marathon!  The marathon, half marathon and relays are back with a strong committee of volunteers working together with the Hurley Chamber.  The course is scheduled for certification in May, with the start line being in Upson on Hwy 77 at Casey Sag Road.  Marathon and Relay participants will start there at 7:00 am on Saturday August 13 and continue into Upson and turn at Hwy 122 to continue as before to the Whitecap Mountain area and onto County Hwy E, where they will make the way back to Hwy 77.  As they continue along into Pence, Montreal and Gile the course continues to Cary Mine Market will runners turn and continue through the Hurley Industrial Park to County Hwy C.  A designated point on County Hwy C will be determined as a “turn around” location bringing participants back to Hurley onto Germania Hill and down to the Finnish Line on Silver Street.  Once the certification is complete, a map will be shared with everyone.  

New events include:  Best Cheering Group and Best Decorated Yard (along the course) with 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes going to the winners of each category.  Decorate your yard, turn up the music and cheer participants along!

Bike the Paavo!!  Sign up to bike the course on Saturday morning at 6:45 am, prior to the runners starting and finish on Silver Street.  Registration is online, $40 per person with a shirt.  

Paavo Crafter/ Vendor Market:  Calling all local artisans and crafters — we are looking for your unique items to showcase at this event.  Our area is full of talented artisans and crafters and this unique market will bring new visitors to see your items.  An application is available to fill out by calling the chamber office, 715-561-4334.

 Kidz Zone:  The Finnish Line will be busy and a separate area is being designated for Rock n Roll To Go Plus to bring in a Bungee Jumper, Eliminator and Bounce House.  Kids will be able to enjoy the games (for FREE)  and everyone can cheer on runners!  

It’s going to be an action packed day — so be sure to make plans to stop out and welcome participants to Hurley!!  

The history of the Paavo is one of pride, strength of dedication of both runners and volunteers, and the love of a network of communities for the area’s longest running event. The Paavo has HEART, indeed!

We are looking for volunteers for the PAAVO Nurmi Marathon for 2022! If you would like to help us make this event as successful as possible, please fill out the application below!