Hurley Area Chamber of Commerce

The Hurley Area Chamber of Commerce is comprised of a diverse membership that is agressive with promoting businesses, organizations, and activities throughout the area. Our community pride is strong. Working with all types of business, we are excited to be able to offer a full, rounded chamber membership to our community. For more information on membership, contact our office.

Providing visitors with useful information on our area is important to our staff.  If you have questions or need specific information contact our office:

715-208-0902, Office, email

Meet Our Board of Directors:

Sharon Ofstad, President - Sharon's Coffee Company/East Wing

Jaci Matusewic, Vice President - Associated Bank

Bob Zell, Board Member - Business: Bob Zell Construction

Anna Lardinois, Board Member - Business:  North Star Beverage

Mary Hitt, Board Member - Business: Hitt's Fine Furniture

Gary Pelkola, Board Member - Business:  Iron Nugget Restaurant

Jay Aijala, Board Member - Hurley City Council Appointee

Derik Van Epren, Board Member - Annie's Pub

David Dzuiban, Board Member - Whitecap Mountains Resort

Office Hours

Tuesday - Saturday 9:00am-12:00pm

Please call for appointment 715.561.4334

Chamber Member Benefits:

Free Listing on our webpage
Representation at Midwest Sports Show
Brochures available at the Chamber office
Referrals from the Chamber office
Calendar of events
Social Media
Invitations to join sports shows, sponsor events, and bid for events
Travel Wisconsin website coverage
Business Service Training opportunities
Advertising by Hurley Chamber in various newspaper, magazines, and online resources

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If you wish to fill out the application by hand, and turn it into our office, you may download and print the PDF version below:

Hurley Area Chamber of Commerce Membership Application